“Cornwall has to be the most lovely place in the whole world. You won’t want to leave. You will immediately slow down. Everyone is relaxed. Everything is relaxed”. these are some of the things my dear friend T told me when I first went there a few years ago.

And of course, she was right!

It has taken me ages to write this blog post because I find I have to let things settle in my mind before I can make sense of them, and which bits mattered the most, and which bits I really want to take as a starting point to do something really creative with! I took absolutely loads of photographs so I want to include some of my favourites on here. They will be part of a later blog post, hopefully.

This most recent holiday was really special because we were so close to the beach so we could do without the car and walk,walk,walk and explore everyday. I have all sorts of ideas bubbling of things I want to make,still, months later,¬† like pictures and collages and fabric art and embroidery, but I still can’t decide. Perhaps nothing will come of it, and it will all just be vague ideas but I love thinking about it all anyway.

I did a lot of crochet there.

There is something about the whole sitting by the sea thing whilst you just chain, hook, chain, loop and crochet that is just pure synchronicity (I love that word). It didn’t matter I didn’t get much else done, all that mattered was I was there doing that, and it was so restorative.

In one gallery I met an artist  who actually felt sorry for some of the rocks because they did not have the striations (?) on them so she crocheted some up and left them by the sea as a gift once. Very fitting and completely acceptable behaviour to me. I can completely see why she did it.

Yes, I do love Cornwall. And there is a bit of Cornwall nestled in my DNA too with ancestors from around where the Heligan Estate was which makes me very proud.

And I cannot wait to go back.