I really struggle with motivation for anything creative in January.

The days of Christmas are behind us but it still seems such a long way to go before Spring and the lighter days, and everything seems so grey and dull.

So instead of resolutions, I set myself a challenge to find appreciate and celebrate colour this month in any little way that I can.

One thing which really cheered me up was the random placement of these three little cars outside our classroom, aptly enough when you consider how we had just been going over the primary colours with our students! I love anything to do with co-incidence and this cheered me and our students up no end.

Another thing I am doing at the moment is a crochet project for a lady who lives in America. She wants four crochet flower corsages doing, one to wear each season. This is a slow process given I am recovering from a horrendous flu-like bug which wiped out most of the new year, but it doesn’t matter. I am enjoying selecting the colours and types of flower and anticipating her reaction when she sees them.

I’m planning to spend some time planting up some rainbow chard for our raised beds this weekend. This year I plan to do this at the right time and have something to show for it! also I am going to try growing aubergines and as always chillies and tomatoes. Plenty of colour there. I have heard you can start off sweet peas pretty early too, so these will be sown as well.

The green shoots of the bulbs are pushing through and this morning just for a short while there was a golden sunrise over the trees before the sun pushed  higher into the clouds.

I keep looking for hope and colour ever day, and I hope you do, too.